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Johnny Manziel was rolling up a dollar bill, everyone goes crazy

Johnny Manziel This is Johnny Manziel, rolling up a dollar bill, and that’s all.
Credit: Busted Coverage

The illicit picture-taking market on Johnny Manziel jumped up a notch on Monday.

Manziel, he of the Cleveland Browns but mostly Instagram fame, was again partying in Las Vegas over the July 4 holiday weekend. Someone took a photo of the quarterback rolling up a dollar bill in a bathroom, sent it to Busted Coverage, and of course, the speculation began.

We’re sure you’ve seen “Scarface” enough times for us not to need to explain the implications, but everyone immediately jumped to the conclusion Manziel was rolling up the bill to snort cocaine. You’d think, were that the case, the photographer in question would’ve snapped him actually snorting cocaine or at least taken a photo of the lines.

But all we have is a photo of a guy rolling up a dollar bill. And since it’s Johnny Manziel, that’s enough to cause the Internet to explode.

Frankly, we have no idea what happened after this photo was taken. But we do know Manziel needs to start taking the advice of the team which drafted him and cool it on weekends. Manziel also spent his time in Vegas hanging with Playboy model Dallas Parks.

He certainly hasn’t been caught doing anything illegal. He’s 21 years old, so he can pop all the champagne he wants. But it would be nice if he maybe cooled it a little and stayed out of the public eye once in awhile.

For now, we leave you with the immortal words of Richard Riehle in “Office Space” …

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