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Jon Hamm just ignited a feud with the Trumps, and Donny Jr responded

Jon Hamm smiling

Jon Hamm has recalled probably the most bro-ish story you’re ever likely to hear. And, of course, it involved the current President Trump. Bill O’Reilly makes an appearance as well, but the whole thing took on a life on its own once it provoked Donald Trump Jr to leap to the defense of his father.

This entire hullabaloo began when Hamm told the New York Times that he attended the “Saturday Night Live” after-party for the episode that Trump hosted, but admitted that it was far from an enjoyable soiree for him. Hamm revealed that it turned sour when he came face to face with Trump and O’Reilly. Not that Hamm was intimidated by the pair, though.

“He was with Bill O’Reilly. They’re both tall dudes. And I’m a tall dude. And they both do that tall-dude thing, which is try to intimidate you. And it doesn’t work on me. I’m like, ‘I’m as alpha as you. Let’s go. You’re not going to chest-bump me.’ It was a very weird night. It was the shortest I’ve ever stayed at an S.N.L. after-party.”

But just in case that story wasn’t cringe worthy enough, Donald Trump Jr then decided to get involved, too, taking to the family’s favorite method of communication to respond to the story.

Considering that Jon Hamm played Don Draper on “Mad Men,” who is arguably the coolest and most desirable male character in television history, it says a lot about both Trump and O’Reilly that they thought they could out-alpha the actor — if that is indeed what actually happened. Until another SNL party atendee weighs in, we can’t really be sure. 


Unfortunately, Hamm didn’t reveal exactly how far his p***ing contest with Trump and O’Reilly went. But if it actually got physical, I predict that Hamm single-handedly destroyed the pair, all while sipping on an old fashioned with the other. 


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