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Jonas striking out on his own

It’s tough out there for teen idols. Two years ago, toppling the Jonas Brothers from the top of the teen pop heap seemed unfathomable. Now they seem like a distant memory when compared to the superstar status of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

Now 22-year-old Joe Jonas is striking out on his own and hitting back these young upstarts with their own game.

Abandoning the pop-rock sound that garnered his band Rolling Stone covers and legions of teenaged fans, Joe’s debut, Fast Life, which drops next month, leans heavy on dance floor beats and R&B tropes.

“It’s the kind of music that I’ve always loved,” he told journalists during a recent conference call to promote the record and his upcoming club tour that brings him to Toronto Saturday night.

“I’ve always really been into dance music and electro music, hip hop music. I’ve always been really intrigued to kind of go on my own path to create something different.”

Whatever the results, its clear that Joe is ready for whatever comes his way. “You just got to have confidence going into it. And I’m feeling pretty excited and pumped to be able to hit the road.”

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