Jordan Peele has several ideas for a ‘Get Out’ sequel, but here’s what it would take for it to actually happen – Metro US

Jordan Peele has several ideas for a ‘Get Out’ sequel, but here’s what it would take for it to actually happen

Jason Blum and Jordan Peele talk Get Out sequel

Having grossed $253.1 million from just a $4.5 million budget, its safe that say that Get Out will ultimately go down as one of the most successful films of the year.

As you’d expect that has already led to suggestions that a follow-up will eventually be greenlit. Those rumors were only exacerbated when Jordan Peele admitted at the time of the film’s release that not only was he “definitely open” to the idea, but added that he’d already thought of “several ways to go with a sequel.”

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk to “Get Out” producer Jason Blum about his latest film “Happy Death Day.” During our discussion I quizzed Blum on the upcoming “Halloween” film that he is currently developing, especially the decision to include the original’s John Carpenter, and his answer nicely segued into my question on the future of “Get Out.”

“If you noticed the original creator writes and directs the sequel and sometimes multiple sequels. James DeMonaco did ‘Purge 1,’ ‘2,’ and ‘3.’ James Wan did ‘Insidious 1’ and ‘2.’ Scott Derrickson did ‘Sinister 1’ and ‘2.’ So I really try and always involve the creator in the franchise moving forward, and ‘Halloween’ was no exception,” Blum explained.

Having already duly noted Jordan Peele’s past comments regarding a possible “Get Out” sequel, but also knowing that the filmmaker is currently writing and will direct a social thriller that’s due out in 2019 for Universal, as well as working on various other projects in different capacities, I then asked Blum whether he would only proceed with a new “Get Out” film if Peele was its writer and director.

“I would only do – I guess if he found the perfect thing and said he wanted to do it as a producer I would do that, too. But the impetus for a ‘Get Out 2’ would have to originate from Jordan. It’s not something that I would push on him. If he wanted to do it I would definitely go along for the ride. But I wouldn’t do it unless he was the one motivating it.”

In the meantime, why not go and check out Blumhouse Productions’ latest release “Happy Death Day,” which was released last week, topped the box office, and, after “Get Out” and “Split,” marks the studio’s third smash hit of the year.