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‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ has a Donald Trump Easter Egg, J.A. Bayona explains why

T Rex and Donald Trump
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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom director J.A Bayona has opened up about the subtle dig the blockbuster has at Donald Trump, insisting that it was included to make the film feel more relevant. 

Towards the beginning of “Fallen Kingdom,” which is rife with subtext about our treatment of the planet and animals, a news report shows quotes from across the world regarding the debate about whether to save the dinosaurs from the volcano that is about to erupt and extinct them, again. 

The US government decides to leave the creatures on Isla Nubar, and in the news report the unnamed President is quoted as questioning “the existence of dinosaurs in the first place.” Unfortunately that sounds very much like the current Commander In Chief, while at one point the villainous Ken Wheatley (Ted Levine) also calls Bryce Dallas-Howard’s Claire a “nasty woman,” which was something that Trump said about Hillary Clinton during the electio, too.

I recently sat down to talk to Bayona, who admitted that the line was intended to make viewers think of Trump. 

“If you look at the original books from Michael Crichton they always try to talk about the world we live in. And the relationship that man has towards nature and science. And it that sense these movies feel relevant than ever.”

“We are living in a moment right now of uncertainty. And that’s what this movie is about. About losing control. About uncertainty. About seeing the ‘Jurassic’ universe upside down.”

“And that’s what is very interesting. Because these movies are very entertaining for the family. But at the same time you have a second layer that talks about the world that we live in.”

You can try and spot more references and Easter Eggs to Donald Trump now, as “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” has finally been released. 

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