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Just don’t call us ‘soulless frat boys’

In an age where Lady Gaga tries to pass herself off as high art, it’s nice to see that some artists can accept the fact that they’re simply in it to have a good time.

3OH!3, for instance, aren’t afraid to admit their M.O. is pretty uncomplicated.

“We have always set out to make music that is ‘fun,’” admits the towering Nathaniel Motte. “We want our songs to be fun to make, fun to perform and listen to. If some of those songs are applicable to a party atmosphere, then that’s wonderful!”

After selling a few million downloads of 2008’s WANT, Motte and partner Sean Foreman applied some newfound skills towards making their second album, Streets of Gold.

“We set out initially as a band wanting to make fun, catchy music that was a bit different and perhaps a bit edgy,” Motte explains.

3OH!3 haven’t abandoned their bread and butter. Streets of Gold is primarily more of the same hook-crammed, synthesized party jams, but Motte has a problem with those who write his band off as “soulless frat boys” that don’t have “anything to say about anything.”

Streets of Gold was a vitally important step for us, to hopefully establish ourselves as a long-staying and pertinent band.”

While they might reach the charts with a song like My First Kiss featuring pal Ke$ha, Motte says a song like I’m Not the One comes from a deep place.

“Sean wrote the lyrics about a close relative, and a medical condition they have been living with for a while,” he says. “Instrumentally, I wanted to combine both organic instrumentation and electronic elements. I think that song was a great release for us.”