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Just dying to go to a royal wedding

Estibalis Chavez, 19, is on hunger strike outside of the British Embassy in Mexico City. She doesn’t want world peace, better treatment for migrants or even a job. She only wants to be part of the royal wedding.

As of yesterday, Chavez has survived 13 days on hunger strike, in the hope that Prince William and Kate Middleton will hear her plea and send her an invitation to their wedding in April. She has pitched her blue tent outside the Embassy and claims she has drunk only water since she began her vigil.

The Mexican girl, who lives in Atizapan (northeast of Mexico City), is planning an auction of at least 88 magazines about England’s royal family, and drawings and figures of Lady Di and the royal couple.

Chavez explained to Metro why she stopped eating in a bid to be one of the 1,900 lucky guests invited to the royal nuptials.

Why do you want to go to the wedding?

It’s the dream of my life. I have been a fan of the royal family since I was child. My mom, who died after she gave birth to me, admired Lady Di because she was kind and willing to help people. I promised I would go to the prince’s wedding; I’m not in love with him, I want to do it for his mother.

Why a hunger strike?

I want to show the world that when somebody has a dream and makes it public, it can become a reality. Some people have told me that a dream doesn’t become a reality in this way, but I want to show it will.

Why don’t you express your desire through a different means?

If a little dream like this is not possible, what hope could I give to other, bigger dreams?

If you could do what Lady Di did, whom would you help?

Malnourished children, the homeless and the elderly.

What do you do?

Im studying at high school and learning English. I have taken some painting classes and I’d like to study plastic arts, like sculpture and ceramics. I’m also work at a stationery shop, earning 500 pesos (41 U.S. dollars) a week.

Do you have any money to pay for travel?

No, I only have my passport. I want to auction my collection: drawings and figures of Lady Di. I hope to earn 100,000 pesos (8,290 U.S. dollars), but I would donate half of it to children suffering from malnutrition.

What would you do if you can’t go to the wedding?

For sure I’ll return to my house very sad. I’ll cry a lot, but would continue studying.

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