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Justin Bieber allegedly headbutted someone at a pre-Grammys party


Looks like Justin Bieber is taking time out from beefin’ with the Weeknd and is now getting out his aggression by headbutting strangers at parties.

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Here’s what went down. TMZ reportsthat the 22-year-old singer was at a pre-Grammys party last Saturday hosted by his producer buddy Poo Bear at the Italian restaurant Serafina in L.A. Apparently he was play fighting with his old Disney Channel bud Kyle Massey when he noticed one of Serafina’s employees recording him. Bieber told the guy to stop recording, and when he didn’t comply, he lunged at him, head first. Another employee called the cops and by the time they arrived, the perp had fled.

Although the alleged victim won’t be pressing charges at this point, police are apparently investigating Bieber for a misdemeanor battery.

Sounds like the Biebs will have to say more than “Sorry” about this one.

Side note: remember when French midfielder Zinedine Zidane headbutted Italian player Marco Materazzi in the World Cup 2006 championship? He got a red card and was expelled from the game. Here’s the video, just for throwback’s sakes. If Bieber’s ever surfaces, we’ll examine them side by side.

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