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Kanye West, James O’Keefe and everyone else all visit Occupy Wall Street

The newest hotspot in downtown Manhattan isn’t a club or a hotel bar — it’s Zucotti Park!

Everyone who’s anyone is stopping by the Occupy Wall Street protests in the Financial District to get their pictures taken supporting “the 99%.” The flood of celebrities started with Susan Sarandon two weeks ago and isn’t showing signs of slowing. Just this afternoon the demonstrators received their highest-profile guest ever: rap star Kanye West.

We’re not sure exactly why Kanye visited the protesters, but we’re guessing it has something to do with Russell Simmons. (Simmons has spoken out in favor of Occupy Wall Street and even given out water at the Zucotti Park encampment — he visited the park alongside Kanye today.)

Still, Kanye would seem to be an odd fit for the Occupy Wall Street movement — his entire career on trying to be as “1%” as possible, with gold grills, expensive clothes and cherub imagery. Is his visit a sign that the Occupy Wall Street protests are now just a trendy place to hang out? If so, what does that mean for the movement?

Also, conservative rabble-rouser James O’Keefe reportedly visited the protests, but the less said about him the better. Everyone who doesn’t want to end up in a distorted attack video, avoid this man!

Picture via Stephanie Keith, @SteffieKeith

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