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Kanye West just met with Trump

Donald Trump and Kanye West in the lobby of Trump Tower.
Getty Images

On Tuesday morning, Kanye West — who we all assumed to be nestled away on the West Coast, helping Kim Kardashian take selfies, and still recovering from his recent hospitalization —strolled into Trump Towerin New York City with his new blonde hair and a full entourage in tow. He was there for a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump.

Kanye was mum on the details when reporters asked what the controversial pair might talk about. But TMZ is reporting that Yeezy himself requested the meeting, and Trump, being the camera-friendly guy he is, obliged.

Without any details on exactly how or why this meeting came to be, we can only speculate. Kanye was booed at his concert for supporting Trump’s bid for presidency; maybe he wanted to congratulate him in person. Or perhaps Trump wasn’t satisfied with Kanye’s version of his nude body in the music video for “Famous;” and looking forward to future projects, Kanye wanted to get a more accurate mold. Or maybe there was no meeting and the whole thing was just another chance for a buzzy photo op.

Will the circus that is 2016 ever end?

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