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Karlie Kloss talks Josh Kushner and New York Fashion Week

Arrivals At The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich 2013

Karlie Kloss is one of those rarefied models whom women obsess over and men lust after. And now her stock is so high, rumor has it she can only be booked for shows through special arrangement. We investigate.

Why did this season seem like the right time to cut down on your runway duties?
[New York] Fashion Week is just starting now, so you’ll have to see where I pop up.

You’ve got the most confident walk in the business. Do you find being on the runway empowering?
I do. I really enjoy being on the runway. It’s a very different part of my job compared to photo shoots. It’s a performance similar to the ballet performances that I remember from growing up, so I enjoy runway shows because of that.

You practiced ballet for a long time. How did that prepare you for modelling?
Ballet was the best training I could have had for a modelling career. It teaches movement, gracefulness and how to express emotion. Telling a story through movement is very important in a modeling career.

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. Do you buy into it or are you a cynic?
Well, I do. I like Valentine’s Day. I like any excuse to show some warmth, love. I think that goes for not just your boyfriend or girlfriend but it’s also an excuse to write a love note to your friends, your mom, anyone.

Are you a romantic?
I am. I am a romantic. And it’s also a good holiday for good chocolate.

What gestures do you make?
I like the little things like making breakfast in bed or a nice foot rub or surprising someone with flowers. The little gestures mean much more than a big, extravagant kind of gift. So for me it’s the little things that add up all year round.

What’s the cheesiest line that you’ve received?
Hmm, cheesiest line: “Did it hurt?” (“What?”) “Did it hurt, angel, when you fell from heaven?” It’s an automatic game-over.

Have you ever stood someone up or been stood up?
Um, let me think. No, I don’t think so. I’m 21 years old, so I haven’t been on too many dates, and I have a boyfriend. That would be terrible to be stood up.

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Yeah, I do. I was definitely not planning on falling in love [with boyfriend Josh Kushner]. But I think that’s the thing about it, you can’t anticipate or plan it.

You’re photographed in lingerie a great deal — a look that men’s magazines like to perpetuate as real-life. Is this the case?
No, I’m into sweatpants and my boyfriend’s T-shirt. I like to be totally boring and watch football. There’s no fancy lingerie. But on a special occasion like Valentine’s Day, it’s always fun to get dressed up, and that’s why there’s some good stuff at Victoria’s Secret.

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