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Kathryn Hahn on ‘Bad Moms 2’ and her Super Bowl spot for Febreze

Kathryn Hahn

While you’re watching the game this Sunday, you might catch a new commercial that’s basically about taking a dump during halftime. It comes from Febreze’s new OdorClear, and the tagline is “I love you, halftime bathroom break, but sometimes you stink.”

The comically somber voice delivering that line is actress Kathryn Hahn, who you’ll hear in a few Febreze spots declaring #odorodes to the things in life that we love (the couch the dog has dirtied, the basement guest bathroom) despite their stench.

While the 43-year-old is new to voice-over work — she jokes that she did her best Ken Burns impression for the campaign — as an actress she’s known equally for her dramatic and comedic turns: as the graceful and reserved Rabbi Raquel from the Emmy-award winning “Transparent” or the over-the-top Carla in “Bad Moms.”

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She stars in another joint from “Transparent” creator Jill Soloway: “I Love Dick,” which premiered at Sundance and streams this May (you can watch the pilot on Amazon Prime now).

We caught up with the L.A. resident to chat about whether Rabbi Raquel will be back on “Transparent,” the “Bad Moms” sequel, and why she’s not on social media.

What’s it like going from “Transparent” to “I Love Dick”?

It’s the same family, same crew, but the material — [my character] Chris Kraus is such a different bird than Rabbi Raquel. But that’s why I wanted to be an actor in the first place.

As an actress, would you say that your roots are in comedy?

Not at all. I never took a sketch class, I never took an improv class. I was a big theater nerd, I just wanted to do plays. I was playing Ma Joad in “Grapes of Wrath” in undergrad. [Laughs] I never thought that it would be comedy. I was always the class clown i guess, but I never — the idea of trying to be funny is a nightmare to me. I guess I’m just a weirdo enough, if I ground it in some sort of reality, it works. But I love to do it all.

Soloway said at Sundance that “I Love Dick” is about “the invention of the female gaze.” Watching the pilot, it was hard to tell whether your character is empowered, or rendered powerless by her desire for Dick (Kevin Bacon).

I think she’s pushing through her desire, owning her desire. In her obsession, I think she realizes that it’s not about him at all, and her desire and artistic expression are tied in the same thing. [At the same time], it’s so human that the people who are sometimes the worst to us are the most attractive.

We have to ask: will we see Rabbi Raquel in “Transparent” Season 4?

I don’t know about Season 4, because she’s submerged in Marfa, Texas for a second. [Laughs] She went into the mikveh and out of the cistern. But, we’ve not seen the end of the rabbi, for sure, no. But I definitely think that we needed a breather after the end of last season; she was pretty devastated.

And you have the “Bad Moms” sequel coming up.

Yeah! We were all really surprised and so thrilled. It just affirmed our spidey sense that there is an audience for this kind of movie, and that the mommas — not just the mommas — were excited to have something to see. When we heard the germ of the idea, that it’s going to be Christmas-themed, we were like, ‘Ah of course.’ There’s not another time of year that women are more expected to make magic happen while they’re flipping out, stressing out trying to get stuff done.

On a personal note: we noticed you’re not on social media.

I just got an iPhone, I’m a step behind. But I’m really protective of it, I really like not having it. I like the non-access. For me personally, my life as a mom, I don’t know what I would gain from it. I do go on it, though! There’s a line in “Afternoon Delight” [the 2013 Jill Soloway film starring Hahn]where Rachel says, “I’m not on Twitter, but I lurk.”

And she gets drunk and she’s like, “What even is the Cloud?”

I’m still, meanwhile, confused about the Cloud. [Laughs]