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Kathy Griffin doesn’t look like this anymore, but it’s for a great cause

Kathy Griffin American Cancer Society

Kathy Griffin might divide popular opinion more than the Coke versus Pepsi debate these days. Is she a bold, fearless comedian or just downright inappropriate? The country can’t seem to decide since her stunt with a fake beheaded Trump.

Regardless of how you feel about Kathy Griffin — we’re certainly not getting into that debate again — the actress and comedian just did something caring for her sister that everyone can get behind. Yesterday, the 56-year-old had her hair completely buzzed off. That’s right: her signature red locks are no more. But it’s not a mere publicity stunt, it’s an act of solidarity, a gesture meant to show that she’s standing by her sister who is currently getting chemotherapy. A journalist, Yashar Ali, tweeted the news, and also included a link for donations to the American Cancer Society.


Griffin has not yet spoken publicly about her sister’s battle with cancer or the details of her sister’s disease. Sadly, Kathy and family lost her brother Gary, who was 63, to esophageal cancer in 2014.

Her benevolent act is an easy gesture anybody can do to show support of a loved one battling any form of this disease. Even mom approved of the sweet move, tweeting, “My daughter Kathleen Mary is a wonderful human being,” and linking to Yasha Ali’s original tweet.


Recently, you may recall that Griffin was under the public’s scrutiny for posting a video of her holding a bloody replica of President Donald J. Trump’s head. To say the joke didn’t go over well is a bit of an understatement. She lost a variety of her upcoming gigs as a result, such as CNN’s New Year’s special. Thankfully, her latest media spotlight on the heels of her shaved head pictures are shaking out much more positively. We’re wishing Kathy’s sister the best and kudos to Kathy for rocking a buzz cut like a champ!

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