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Keep your condo cool if you want to garner a sizzling sale price

So by now we are all wondering when this heat wave is going to break and give us some relief but for those of you selling, the heat can make your condo feel like a sauna. Here are some tips to cool your place down and keep buyers happy when then come through your home.

The most expensive solution is going to be to buy an air conditioner. In condos where you are not allowed to hang an AC unit from the window, portable air conditioners will be your best bet. Ensure you buy one with enough BTUs to sufficiently cool the space. If your condo is above 600-square-feet, then 12,000 BTUs is what you will need. Not only will the AC keep the space cool and comfortable for potential buyers, it will also remove the humidity from the air, which is what makes it most uncomfortable. You may even wish to include the AC in the sale of the property, which may increase the value of your home and bring you double what you spent on the unit.

Using a window insulating film will offer a more permanent solution to helping keep the heat out. A window film is a thin plastic-like material you apply to your windows that will block out almost 99 per cent of UV rays and keep your home significantly cooler. If you are a west- or south-facing unit, this is a great option since the film is clear and is applied to the interior of your window so there will be no issues with your Strata. There are many local Vancouver companies who will even come and install the product for you if you are not a DIY lover.

Blackout drapes are another great and cost effective way to help reduce the heat in your home. Drape panels can cost as little as $20 at some stores and can help reflect the sun’s heat away. Obviously they will not reduce the humidity in your home so be sure to buy an inexpensive dehumidifier as well. Keep the drapes closed right up until your showing and the close them again once the showing is complete. While not the most effective solution, it will provide a noticeable difference.

Ryan DeLuca is a realtor with Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, and host of The Real Estate Minute on Novus TV; rdeluca@sothebysrealty.ca.

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