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Keep your New Year’s resolutions at these NYC restaurants

Resolved to be a new you for the new year? Eating (and drinking) healthier doesn’t have to be boring — here’s where to start.

For the new vegans

People may tell you life isn’t worth living without cheese and eggs, but you’re determined to make the world a healthier place not just for yourself but the animal kingdom, too. One of the things you’re probably not excited about giving up is your late night, half-drunk slice of New York City’s official party food: pizza. So don’t! Greenpoint newcomer Screamer’s Pizzeria not only has the best name, their almond ricotta and seitan sausage make for an easy and ridiculously tasty transition. 690 Manhattan Ave.

For the veggie phobic

Time to expand that palate you haven’t worked on since your mom stopped trying to get you to eat broccoli in the third grade. The vegetable world has never been more exciting, from gourmet veggie burgers to a vegan butcher shop opening in Brooklyn this spring. Let former El Rey chef Gerardo Gonzalez show you how magical vegetables can be at his new Chinatown restaurant Lalo, where he continues to turn his California roots and Mexican heritage into veggie-forward dishes like a cucumber salad with mole vinaigrette and a “black bean” dip made with squid ink-dyed cannellini. 104 Bayard St.

For the conscious eater

The only constant in 2016 was stress, and many of us probably spent the year stuffing our faces with whatever our emotions craved. If you’re looking to improve your relationship with food, why not start with food that makes you feel calmer and more balanced? Divya’s Kitchen, a new East Village restaurant by longtime ayurvedic chef Divya Alter, uses ancient cooking principles to create dishes that are as beneficial for your mind as your body. 25 First Ave.

For the teetotaler

Even the term “happy hour” just sounds so appealing. But if your relationship with alcohol has changed, whether for health or one too many mornings of “Oh god, did I really do that?” reasons, it doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying cocktails. Williamsburg brunch hotspot Manila Social Club started out without a liquor license for almost a year, so they got pretty good at honing mocktails like the citrusy-sweet Calamansi Honey and the fizzy and frothy Coconut Cooler to go with their signature Spam fries and mango souffle pancakes. 2 Hope St.

For the early risers

Getting up with the sun can be a difficult routine to get into, but the benefits for your health and productivity are real (sorry). The prospect of a better breakfast could go a long way to helping you make it a reality. Instead of answering your emails in bed, which is the least sexy thing you could be doing there, take your pre-work work to a table at Philly’s acclaimed import High Street on Hudson in the West Village for their house-baked pastries and breakfast sandwiches — get your caffeine jolt from the bakery’s famed Red Eye Danish, or wake up to the Hickory Town, hailed as the “ultimate breakfast sandwich” by Epicurious. 637 Hudson St.

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