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Ke$ha producer Dr. Luke is getting death threats on Twitter


In more Misguided/Idiotic People Using the Internet Inappropriately news (also see: everyone, all the time, ever), there are apparently some people sending death threats to Ke$ha’s producer on Twitter.

(Side note: there should be some kind of 140-character agreement we all have to sign before joining the Internet community, pledging to “First, do no harm” a la the Hippocratic Oath and “Second, do not be a complete assclown” a la My Personal Oath. But then, I guess, Buzzfeed wouldn’t have material for all those delightful roundups of colorful commentary from people who don’t understand that there is a difference between “you’re” and “your” that we’re all so fond of.)

Ke$ha’s producer, Dr. Luke, has been on the receiving end of some pretty scary Twitter threats — and no, not because he’s responsible for unleashing Ke$ha’s music upon the world like Pandora opening some kind of glitter, booze and sweat-filled Ke$ha’s Box. Heh. And, ew. And, sorry for that.

No, Ke$ha fans are calling for Dr. Luke’s head on a Twitter stake for causing the pop star’s eating disorder, for which she recently checked into rehab.

And, while reports that he taunted Ke$ha about her weight with digs like “she looks like a f—ing refrigerator” are gross and reprehensible, telling a stranger that you’re “gonna slit your f—in throat open then gouge your eyeballs out” and “I know where yu live & I will MURDER u” [sic] because this stranger may or may not have made fun of your fave singer for being less than svelte (for the record, Ke$ha is in no way overweight) is even more gross and reprehensible.

The LAPD is investigating the threats, and attempting to track down those behind the tweets. They’ll probably find them hard at work tweeting about Coca Cola’s “un-American Super Bowl commercial.”

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