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Keith Olbermann says he knows how Trump’s presidency will end

Keith Olbermann Trump Resign
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Keith Olbermann, the fiery pundit for whom the term “fiery pundit” was invented, says he knows how President Trump’s term will end — fast.

The former ESPN and MSNBC host, who now has hosts a political video series, “The Resistance,” on the GQ website, connects the dots between a number of recent news reports: One from reporter John Harwood quotes a GOP strategist saying that Trump will resign once the investigation gets too close to his family, Pence will become president and appoint Marco Rubio, and that the “GOP recovers.” Another, from BBC World News correspondent Paul Wood, that claims former adviser Paul Manafort has “flipped” and is talking to the FBI and quotes an intelligence community sources as saying that the number of contacts between Trump’s people and the Russians “have been underestimated; there are dozens.”

Wood also quotes a member of special counsel Robert Mueller’s team that a Russian-born business associate of Trump, Felix Sater, who has told family he “knows he and the POTUS are going to prison.”

Olbermann says these reports of flips — along with others from the New York Times about Mueller’s team is talking to fired chief of staff Reince Priebus — indicate that Mueller’s investigation is closing in tight.

Trump resignation or impeachment?

And, he said, there is historical precedent for how things could end: In the ’90s, then-MSNBC host Olbermann was preparing a live celebrity interview when, out of the blue, a producer turned the show upside down with a casual mention that “the president [Clinton] may have to resign tonight” over the scandal involving his sexual dalliances with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

“For while now, I have thought he Trump presidency will end suddenly,” says Olbermann. “I have been anticipating that Trump’s day will begin like any other, and then around dinner time it will suddenly break that he is doing to resign.”


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