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Kellen Winslow Jr. Twitter war with Antonio Cromartie continues

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. – Metaphorically, Kellen Winslow’s pants are still down.One day after Winslow tweeted out that Antonio Cromartie should stop his war of the words with Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, he felt the need to escalate his own brewing feud with Cromartie. On Wednesday, Cromartie responded to Winslow’s tweet, mocking his former teammate by saying that he wasn’t as good as his father, who is a Pro Football Hall of Fame tight end.

Cromartie and Winslow were teammates on the Jets in 2013. At the time, there didn’t seem to be any ill-will between the two players.

On Thursday, Cromartie did not respond to questions about the social media exchange and he joked, “I’m only here so I don’t get fined.” He refused to answer any questions not dealing with football or current Jets players.

It took Winslow a full day to come up with a response to Cromartie’s takedown, as he tweeted @Cro31 Thursday morning: “U wish you were a Dad. Learn your kids names.”

The message from Winslow to Cromartie was obviously a play on the Jets cornerback, who had a difficult time naming all of his childrenduring an episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks.But at this point, Winslow is looking sad and pathetic as he continues this Twitter feud.

This is, after all, a former player who is no longer wanted in the league,despite the fact that he’s in relatively good health and was solid with the Jets in 2013. And this is, after all, someone who was arrested during the last offseason when he was found with his pants down in the parking lot of a Target and in possession of synthetic marijuana.

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