Kellogg’s is launching Strawberry Krispies after the New Year – Metro US

Kellogg’s is launching Strawberry Krispies after the New Year

Strawberry Krispies

There’s been a string of exciting launches in the cereal sphere lately. General Mills brought back Trix’s original (and vibrant) fruity shapes that were discontinued over a decade ago. Post announced a daring Sour Patch Kids cereal debuting at the end of December. Now, Kellogg’s is re-introducing breakfast food from its past: Strawberry Krispies.

According to a representative for Kellogg’s, Strawberry Krispies “delivers on one of fans’ top flavor preferences with a simple, naturally-inspired strawberry flavor that perfectly complements the iconic cereal that snaps, crackles and pops.”

Strawberry Krispies, first reported on by cerealously.net, will hit stores in early 2019.

Reportedly introduced in 1983 for a limited time, it was described as “artificial strawberry flavored rice cereal,” with signature “pinkish red crisp rice.”

This updated version has a completely different recipe and is the first new Rice Krispies flavor in more than 10 years. 

Back in 2007, Kellogg’s debuted Rice Krispies with Real Strawberries, similar to Special K Red Berries or other cereal with freeze-dried fruit. But, it was nothing like the past Strawberry Krispies. 

“I could have sworn they had Strawberry Rice Krispies in the mid 2000s, too,” one person tweeted. “Maybe that’s just my Mandala Effect creeping up on me again. I do remember it in the early 80s. Hope it’s the same.”

I used to live off the snap, crackle, pop of Cocoa Krispies, so this news about the resurrection (and revamp) of Strawberry Krispies, a breakfast food before my time, brings me joy.

Strawberry Krispies

Strawberry Krispies: where and when to buy

You’ll be able to find Strawberry Krispies at all major grocery stores nationwide in January 2019. There’s no specific release date at this time, the Kellogg’s rep confirms.

The cereal boxes will be available in two sizes, 11.5 ounces and 16.5 ounces, with prices ranging between about $3.99 and $5.69.

Unlike its predecessor, which remained on shelves for a limited time, once Strawberry Krispies hit stores, it will stay there year-round.

Also debuting next year are two new flavors of Frosted Flakes: Banana Creme and Honey Nut. Thank the breakfast gods.