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Kesha fan starts GoFundMe campaign to buy her contract from Sony

The internet has been ablaze with activism and calls for #FreeKesha, after the pop singer lost a legal battle to break her contract with her accused abuser and music producer Dr.Luke. Now fans are taking matters into their own hands with a GoFundMe campaign that aims to help buy Kesha’s contract from Sony so she can write new music and thus save her career.

The GoFundMe campaign was started on Feb. 19 with a lofty goal of raising $2 million to help buy out Kesha’s contract with the record label.

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The campaign has raised over $16,000 in three days.

“This is a campaign to achieve justice where the legal system has failed. This is a campaign to tell Sony that they cannot enable abusers by upholding unscrupulous contracts,” GoFundMe user Brandon de la Cruz wrote on the campaign’s page. “This is a campaign to buy Kesha’s contract back from Sony and immediately release her from it. Clearly, they don’t want to work with her anymore, and they are spending legal fees on defending a contract they don’t care about anyway. So let’s give them an incentive to let her out.”

Fans have been pouring in and donating small amounts to the effort, writing encouraging and supportive messages for the popstar.

“I can’t donate much but I hope enough of us will donate to free Kesha and to let Sony know they can shove it,” Sara Schmidt wrote.

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“I really hope this works, or other celebrities come and help like T. Swift did. No one deserves this,” Liz Herrmann posted.

The campaign comes along with recent news of other celebrities voicing their support for the artist, and Taylor Swift even personally donating 250,000 to Kesha.

Take a look at the GoFundMe campaign.

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