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Kevin Federline just keeps making babies

Kevin Federline is cranking ’em out, and we don’t mean dance routines.

Six kids by three different women. That’s some complicated math for a dude who I’m pretty sure can’t count past 10.

Kevin Federline (remember him? He’s the dude who got kind of famous for five minutes in 2005 for being a dude who boned Britney Spears and may or may not have been the catalyst for her epic breakdown, which may or may not have served as the blueprint for Amanda Bynes’ even more epic breakdown just six years later, but I digress.) is going to be a dad. Again!

The former backup dancer and current … um, well, actually I don’t know what that guy does now. Works at Chili’s, probably? Like as a busboy, not a waiter. Anyway, the human who once boned Britney Spears is now boning his new wife, Victoria Prince, who, according to my cursory Google search, seems like an attractive, fairly normal, well-adjusted person. And she’s pregnant with her second child, which will be K-Fed’s sixth. (Oh snap, “K-Fed” used to be a totally relevant pop culture thing, like “Puff Daddy” or “The other two girls who used to sing near Beyonce.”)

Federline has two kids with Britney Spears, two with another ex, Shar Jackson (I’m too lazy to Google her to recall who she is, but I think she’s some sort of G-list personality who was famous for five minutes once for being the woman who boned the man who boned Britney?) and one with current ladylove Prince.

On a non-snarky note, Britney’s two sons actually seem to be growing up into attractive, fairly normal, well-adjusted people. And hey, that’s something.

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