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Keytar Bear may have been attacked…again

Keytar Bear playing last winter..
Barry Thompson

Keytar Bear — yeah, the dude who dresses in a bear suit and plays the keytarfor money around town — may have been the subject of another assault.

Responding to a question on the “We Love Keytar Bear” Facebook page last night, a user appearing to be the Keytar Bear himself stated:

“I thought Boston had my back but unfortunately people were video taping with i phones instead (sic) .There was another attack by 2 guys and a girl this time this time they tried to stab me with a knife and they stole from me lm not upset because I realize god gives us problems in order to make us stronger these are the few dollars that l recovered lm hoping my Keytar still works because l used it to defend myself but my Bruins jersey is (expletive) up and that pisses me off because it had everyones signature tommorows another people#KTB”

This wouldn’t be the first time Keytar Bear has been attacked.

After two previous alleged attacks were reported this year, locals launched a fundraising effort to help the man behind the suit.

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