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Kid Rock wanted to pose flipping off Hillary Clinton’s White House portrait

When Kid Rock, Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent posed in front of Hillary Clinton's portrait in the White House, one member of the group proposed they all flip her off for the picture. It was probably Kid Rock. Credit: Provided

Country-rap star Kid Rock was touring the White House with fellow musician Ted Nugent and Tea Party darling Sarah Palin at President Trump’s invitation when the trio stopped for a photo in front of an oil portrait of Hillary Clinton.

One of the three proposed a picture flipping off Trump’s nemesis and opponent in the presidential race, Ted Nugent told The New York Times.

“Mr. Nugent said one member of the group — he wouldn’t say who — asked the three to extend their middle fingers beneath the portrait,” The Times wrote. “‘I politely declined,” he said. “Let the juxtaposition speak for itself.'”

While Nugent declined to say who it was, odds are Kid Rock wanted to publicly insult the former first lady.

Kid Rock’s mainstream debut album, Devil Without a Cause, was released in 1998. On the CD (remember those?) was printed a picture of Rock’s hand flipping the bird to the viewer, without any accompanying text. Followup album “Cocky” (2001) had a picture of Rock flipping the double bird under the words Kid Rock.

Kid Rock’s bird-flipping proclivity make it seem likely he was the member of the distinguished group — or America’s trashiest trio, depending on which side of the political/cultural spectrum you stand on — who wanted to flip off Clinton while visiting Trump.

That doesn’t mean the other two might not have made the suggestion.

Even though they didn’t flip the bird, the trio’s disdainful expressions made clear their thought about Clinton.

But Kid Rock’s body language in the photo — slightly blushing and laughing awkardly with his arms wrapped tight around his body — does look like that of someone who has made an immature joke to a respected older friend (Nugent) that was immediately shot down.

While he might have been on best behavior in the White House, Nugent has had had plenty to say about Clinton before.

He called her a “devilbitch” in a 2016 interivew. At a 2007 concert, he called Barack Obama a “punk” and told him to “suck on these” while holding two assault rifle-style guns before screaming “Freedom!”

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