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Kilrea to take stand for fifth day in O’Brien trial

Cross-examination of the man whose allegations of bribery brought two criminal charges against Mayor Larry O’Brien resumes today.

Terry Kilrea will be in the witness box for a fifth day.

Kilrea claims that O’Brien offered him cash and an appointment to the National Parole Board in July 2006, if Kilrea dropped out of the mayoral campaign.

The allegations brought charges of influence peddling in connection to a federal appointment, to which O’Brien has pleaded not guilty.

At the end of the cross-examination on Thursday, O’Brien’s defence lawyer Michael Edelson stated that Ottawa-West Nepean MPP John Baird told police that he informed Kilrea that he was not qualified for the National Parole Board, during a July 19 meeting in Baird’s office.

Kilrea insists he never discussed the appointment with Baird at that meeting.

“Do you not remember him telling you those things during that meeting, sir?” Edelson asked Kilrea on Thursday.

“No, because they certain never were said or came up,” responded Kilrea.

On Thursday evening, Baird’s office released a statement confirming Kilrea’s version of events.

“The police statement is clear — this issue was never discussed during the meeting between Mr. Baird and Mr. Kilrea,” said the statement. “The comments Mr. Edelson attributed to Mr. Baird were made to the police and not made to Mr. Kilrea. Again, the police statement is clear on this.”

According to an OPP interview on May 4, 2007, Baird told police that Mr. Kilrea brought up the Parole Board spot, and Mr. Baird said he “couldn’t honestly recommend him for the position because he didn’t think he had the capacity for the job.”

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