Kim Kardashian makes serious bank, sells out of KKW Beauty in three hours

Kim Kardashian Net Worth

Attention fans of the ever-growing Kardashian empire! Listen up. If Kim Kardashian apps, TV shows and DASH boutiques (which she owns with her sisters) weren’t enough for you, there’s also her makeup.

The much sought-after Kim Kardashian West Beauty (KKW Beauty, for short) line sold out of the complete line less than three hours after launching. And we’re not talking a motley mix of a few mascara tubes and eye shadow kits; the line was entirely one offering and is estimated to have brought in a staggering $14 million total.



KKWBEAUTY.COM is now live!!!!

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The magical elixir Ms. K was peddling? Her Creme Contour & Highlighting Kit. Now, hordes of eager fans will have the special ability to achieve Kardashian-status cheekbones with a few swirls of a brush. The kits went for $48 (before tax and shipping), and 300,000 in all are ready to land in mailboxes for excited beauty connoisseurs.

If you recall the last Kardashian-Jenner family makeup boom, it would be none other than Kim’s little sister Kylie. With her famed lip kits, the starlet brought in $9 million, certainly nothing to laugh at either.

Never one to miss a controversy, Kardashian-West has been accused of blackface for her darker-than-usual skin tone in the ads promoting her line. Kardashian-West maintains she was simply really tan for the duration of the photo shoot.

Missed the three-hour window to scoop up your KKW Beauty swag? For the time being, you can keep hitting refresh on KKWBeauty.com to see if the fashion slash TV slash social media mogul and maestro restocks the vanity kits. Or, you could grab what’s in your bathroom vanity and look up a contour video on YouTube.

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