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Kim Kardashian returns to social media, kinda

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If you put money on Kim Kardashian not being able to stay off social media for a whole month, you’re in luck — sort of.

Just three days shy of a month since her armed robbery in Paris, Kim updated herFacebook page with three new posts,reports People.

But they were vague at best. Two of the posts were links to content created by her sister Kourtney and her assistant, Stephanie Sheppard. The third post was a picture of Kim relaxing in a chair on her iPhone, with her Blackberry in her lap — the same Blackberry she publicly mourned in August. If you’re following, this means it was an old picture; it’s also since been deleted. So there’s room for debate as to whether or not Kim was actually “on” social media.

Regardless, any activity will get the tails of us on #KimKWatch2016 wagging. Keep the faith, squad.

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