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Kim kardashian, she’s fan-tastic!

Do you watch reality TV? Or, more specifically, anything involving Kim Kardashian? If you do, you’re a sucker.

You fell for it. Hook, line and sinker. Operating out of the same playbook that made non-entities like Paris Hilton, Heidi Montag and Spencer Whatever-His-Name-Is fleetingly famous, Kim Kardashian concocted a romance with a professional athlete (Some NBA fans might argue the merits of Kris Humphries, but we’ll call him a pro), milked it for magazine covers, a TV show and lots of money and — less than three months later — she’s dumping him, and hoping to profit again.

Are we complicit because we mention her occasionally in this space? Perhaps.

It was one thing when she was dating athletes, but when she noticed her clock ticking last year and started looking to

exclusively profit — since she has no other discernable talents — Kim K. became highly mockable.

This week, Kardashian very publicly dumped her husband after 72 days of wedded bliss. One would imagine prior to filing the divorce papers, she hunkered down with her “team” to prepare for the inevitable media onslaught.

The timing of the “announcement” was perfect. Remember, all the celebrity weeklies go to print Monday night, Tuesday morning, so she’ll probably be on a few of those covers. But which print outlet will bid highest for the first interview? I’m sure they already have taglines like “Kim’s Heartbreak” ready to hit the printing presses.

She’ll sell her first TV interview, too — only with a new hook, because who would want to hear what they just read in a magazine? You’ve got to figure the “Today Show,” “Good Morning America,” Barbara Walters, or one of those tabloid entertainment shows will win out, right?

It’s disgustingly pathetic, but if the unwashed masses are willing to eat up the garbage these frauds — yes, Kardashian and her ilk are frauds — are peddling, this cycle will continue.

You think Kardashian gets a TV show without a boyfriend who was a pro athlete playing outside the biggest city in the country?

Of course not.

What if the NBA lockout ended next month and the Oklahoma City Thunder signed Humphries? There’s no way she’s moving there. The marriage was a sham, people.

But now she’ll get a second season of her show because it will be all about her single life in New York or Miami or L.A. Her “team” of advisers will probably target an up-and-coming athlete or

once-famous-but-now-desperate actor as a potential suitor.

Welcome to Hollywood!

– Jason Raj McIntyre covers athletes off the field for Metro and runs the popular sports gossip blog, TheBigLead.com.

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