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Kim Kardashian suspicious of her family keeping up with her

Kim Kardashian

You know you’ve reached peak conspicuous consumption when even Kim Kardashian takes notice, but that’s apparently what’s happening at the family compound, as the proto Kardashian is curious as to why all her family members are doing so very well — and it’s making her suspicious of mom-ager Kris Jenner.

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“Kim feels like there are millions of dollars in question because Kris finances everyone’s lavish lifestyle,” a source says, noting that “everyone is suddenly getting Rolls Royces and mansions,” according to the National Enquirer.

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“Kim feels Kris’ spending is out of control, so she is doing an accounting because she’s the only one bringing in that kind of money and thinks it’s weird that everyone in the family is enjoying an extravagant lifestyle that seems to be beyond their individual means,” the source explains.

“She thinks millions of dollars are missing. Kim wants to be more hands-on to find out where the money is being allocated. She is starting to take an inventory to try to get to the bottom of this.” So get ready for some hot accounting action, TV fans.

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