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Kirstie Alley fall: It’s all Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s fault

Let’s try a thought experiment. Say you’re doing a job in which one of your responsibilities is to carry a 60-year-old woman. While you are carrying her, you slip, and sort of drop her. How embarrassing, right? Now you look like a total jerk! Unless, of course, that woman is a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars,” in which case you’re in the clear: It’s all on her!

Let’s look at the headlines: “Kirstie Alley takes a fall on ‘DWTS,'” “The rise and fall of Kirstie Alley,” “Kirstie takes a tumble.” Heck, if you go to Google and type K-I-R, it even suggests “Kirstie Alley fall.”

Now let’s look at the video:

Totally not her fault, right? What do you think, readers?

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