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Kissing under the mistletoe still OK as H1N1 cases dwindle

For the first time in months there were no new lab-confirmed H1N1 cases and no hospitalizations due to the virus in Nova Scotia last week.

The new data highlights a steady drop-off of flu activity that began about a month ago and indicates the second wave of H1N1 is petering out.

Mass vaccination clinics also closed up this week and the health department announced yesterday it would no longer be calling weekly press conferences on H1N1 unless something of note happens.

But the province’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Robert Strang, said H1N1 is still the predominant strain of flu in Nova Scotia – in fact no other variety has popped up in lab tests – and people need to take precautions over the holiday season.

“Even though it is the holidays, if people are sick with flu-like symptoms, please stay home and if they have guests coming to an occasion, please urge them to stay home if they’re sick,” he said.

“I don’t want to put a damper on things. I just think people should, as I’ve said all along, take reasonable and common sense approaches.”

He said people should continue other precautions such as wiping down door handles and not sharing drinks.

But he emphasized there is no need for people to shut down their social calendar, and kissing under the mistletoe is still OK.

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