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Kit Harington got kicked out of a bar for being too drunk

Kit Harington Golden Globes Afterparty

Jon Snow knows nothing — except for how to get kicked out of a bar. Oh, that was terrible.

But it’s true: Kit Harington, the pint-sized hunk behind the most loved “Game of Thrones” character was thrown out of a New York City bar on Friday night for being drunk and disorderly. TMZ says the 31-year-old prepped for a pool game, but then he started “banging on the table, grabbing at pool cues and getting in peoples’ faces.” Not cute!

An eyewitness tells the site that Harington was asked to leave the bar — and that he did! … But then he came back and had to be literally dragged out. I knew Harington and I had something more than a petite stature in common!

To be fair, we’ve all been there. Sometimes, you gotta get blackout drunk and yell at some people you’ll never see again. It’s just like, not usually caught on camera.

So, I hereby grant Kit a pass. And Kit? I know my opinion matters to you a lot, and I know you’re reading this so, you’re welcome.

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