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Kristen Schaal on the 100th episode of ‘Bob’s Burgers’

Schaal voices the vivacious Louise on the hit show, "Bob's Burgers."

When asked what “the burger of the day should be,” Kristen Schaal responds with a giggle, “I didn’t get my puns ready for this interview! Maybe a bottom out burger?”Being that it’s close to lunchtime, the actress, who voices the character Louise on the hit show, “Bob’s Burgers,” which celebrates its 100th episode this Sunday, is admittedly hungry, and confessed plans to grab a falafel sandwich, not a burger, afterward. Before she chows down, we chatted with Schaal about where she finds inspiration for Louise, the show’s continued success and what’s next.

Let’s go way back. Tell us about when you first got the gig to play Louise.
Loren Bouchard was making a pilot presentation for Fox and he’d been workshopping it over the years and wanted to work with people he knew. He knew John Roberts, Jon Benjamin and Eugene Mirman. And then he had other people that were recommended who ran through the same circles— like me. It was a slow process. Workshopping it with my friends — we didn’t know it would become a comedy show. I never thought I’d be talking to you right now about our 100th episode. (laughs)

It must be so surreal. Are you a big fan of the show yourself?
I am so proud of it. I have three shows saved up on my DVR. I feel like it’s one of those shows where people say, “Oh I love ‘Bob’s Burgers’” and I say, “Me too!” I’m incredibly proud. It sets a marker of what a show should be.

Where do you pull inspiration for Louise’s character?
Louise has developed as a piece of my personality. It’s fun to not have a filter and say whatever comes into your head.My childhood self comes out a little and I put a hipness on top of that. She’s a hip, smart kid, so it’s a fun combination to play with. She’s definitely a version of me.

Anything in particular you can relate to with her?

<p>“It sets a marker of what a show should be.” – Kristen Schaal</p>
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<p>“It sets a marker of what a show should be.” – Kristen Schaal</p>
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<p>She’s definitely braver than I was. I was always afraid of authority, unlike Louise. But I also looked up to my older brother, which Louise does with her older brother and sister. When you’re a kid, you just go with whatever impulse you have. You can’t mask it. Like she can’t help but slap Boo Boo. (laughs)</p>
<p><b>What has been the most epic moment for Louise so far?</b><br />When Logan took her hat. That was a very big episode for her. We’ve never seen Louise without her hat. We got to see how serious she is without wearing that hat everyday.</p>
<p><b>Where do you see her ten years from now?</b><br />In ten years, she’ll be nineteen, so I guess she’ll be in college. Whatever she does, it will be a job where she can manipulate people or things. (laughs)</p>
<p><b>Do you get a lot of creative freedom on the show?</b><br />Yes! We record together in a room in L.A. and the cast members in New York get together and call in. They want us to play with each other and improvise off one another just to push jokes further and find moments you wouldn’t figure out in your head when writing it.</p>
<p><b>What’s it like recording lines in a group as opposed to solo?</b><br />It’s fun. It takes a little bit longer than if we were recording solo. And when I don’t see [the other cast members], I miss them. It’s nice.</p>
<p><b>Do you guys hang out after work?</b><br />We do! In New York we used to always get beers after, but in L.A., things are different. Nobody gets beers here. (laughs) I think people just go back to work. It doesn’t feel like a job to me, either. People will ask, “Are you working this week?” And I’m like, “No.” But then they’re like, “But don’t you have a table read for Bob?”</p>
<p>The 100th episode of “Bob’s Burgers” airs this Sunday, May 22 on FOX at 9:30/8:30c.</p>
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