Damon Harrison, left, interview bombing Kristian Dyer, right.Getty Images

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. – Photo bombing has been "a thing" now for a few years, but NFL journalists take note: Damon Harrison is ready to interview bomb you.

Twice in the span of as many months, Harrison, the New York Jets' star nose tackle, has interrupted interviews by this very reporter to ask his own questions. The first instance came during minicamp in mid-June when Metro New York was interviewing Quinton Coples. Harrison came in with a hand towel, rolled it up to look like a microphone and chimed in with a question. He didn't even ask if he could cut in.

In other words, he will be perfect for this job.

Last week during training camp, Harrison again interview bombed this hard-hitting journalist, although this time he came more prepared.


While interviewing Jets safety Rontez Miles (who has had a good camp by the way), the man known as "Snacks"came up with his cellphone and began to fire away with some questions. With his IPhone in video camera mode, Harrison did his best "Larry King Live"and tried on the role of being an intrepid reporter.

He pushed this beat reporter aside to ask some questions. Not to be outdone, Metro New York recorded audio of Harrison grilling Miles to bring you this transcript. There's mentions of cornerbacks Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie as well as fellow safeties Jaiquawn Jarrett and Marcus Gilchrist.

Harrison: How do see yourself improving the past couple of years? What do you think you're doing differently?

Miles: I'm studying harder, I'm taking the playbook more serious. There's guys here as far as yourself and other guys Revis and Cro that are making me increase my level of play. Making you step up.

I'd say studying the playbook more, being more of a professional.

Harrison: After losing a guy like Dawan Landry, who is the guy in that room that takes that place as the leader to help the young guys out? And are you finding yourself in a position to help the young guys out?

Miles: Overall, I can't even speak for the safeties, we're a young group. J.J. is a smart guy, Gilchrist is a svery mart guy too.

I'd say Revis and Cro overall takes the head of the room. They know what they're doing, they've been around long enough. You have to respect their words

Harrison: Sir, I just want to let you know, somebody asked, I think it was NFL.com, who is the one player that we haven't seen a lot from, that you can see being a big producer in the future

And I want to let you know, I said Rotnez Miles.

Miles: I appreciate that bro (there's then a man hug moment between Harrison and Miles, beat reporter wipes eyes, both of them. It's like watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie).

Harrison: That's the truth man, that's the truth.

*Beat reporter, composed from shedding tears moments ago, brazenly jumps in*

Dyer: What do you think of his questions?

Miles: I'd give him a 10, those were good questions.

Dyer: Is there a media career for this guy down the road?

Miles: Yea. He's not shy man, he's good in front of the camera.

*Harrison walks away to interview bomb me another day*

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