Alex Rodriguez won the Yankees a World Series title, but won't get any fanfare for paGetty Images

Time for the New York Yankees to turn over those 2009 World Series rings, you know, the title they won with that evil villain Alex Rodriguez on their roster.

Welcome to hypocrisy, pinstripe style.

In the land of the Yankees, what general manager Brian Cashman says goes even if it is wrong and even if it flies in the face of common sense. The latest slight is that Rodriguez won't receive any type of bonus from the team for when he breaks Willie Mays career home run mark of 660, which inevitably will happen sometime this week.

The Yankees will choose to ignore a moment in history – and whether we want to slam Rodriguez for his admitted steroid use or not history is still history – but they will gladly embrace the work that Rodriguez did bringing them their last World Series title in 2009.


Don't recognize Rodriguez, that's fine. But then don't celebrate the title team he helped to lead.

Six years ago, the Yankees were far from high and mighty when, despite the whispers that Rodriguez was sticking needles his tuchus, they rode his power to a championship. No attempt was made to find out if he was on steroids then. They were too busy cashing the fans hard-earned money to care about juicing.

Rodriguez played in 124 games that 2009 season while batting .286, sent 30 balls over the fence and had 100 RBI. His accomplishments were far from insignificant; Rodriguez was second on the team in home runs and RBI despite playing the second fewest games of any field player.

He had a part – make that a large part – in the Yankees success that year.

The Yankees didn't seem to mind then that he hoisted the Commissioner's Trophy over his head with biceps that were juiced up, with a World Series cap teetering on a head enlarged by human growth hormone. They took that title, their last World Series by the way, and they promote that accomplishment in their ballpark.

There is no asterisk next to that championship banner. Nothing denoting that Rodriguez, a known cheater, swung in plenty of runs, won plenty of games for the pinstripe. But now they turn their back on him when it is convenient and popular as he is ready to become fourth on the all-time home run list.

They also don't seem to mind making money off a player who they deem unworthy of recognition because of the sins of his past, a past by the way which he admits to and won't deny. On the official team website, there are several dozen items for sale linked in one way, shape or form to Rodriguez, from jerseys and hats and photos to souvenir mugs and even a wastebasket.

The most expensive item, an autographed jersey, will fetch $899.99.

So he's good enough for the Yankees to cash in one his steroid-infused career, but they won't besmirch their franchise by giving the man what he is due.

If the Yankees are willing to make a buck off a player they clearly despise then at the very least give Rodriguez, far from a saint, his due. Instead their will polish their trophy from 2009 but won't let Rodriguez get what is coming to him. It is the lowest of the low from a team that celebrated Rodriguez, even when we all knew his numbers were as inflated as his arms.

Just make sure to buy a Rodriguez wastebasket on that next trip to the stadium. Don't worry, none of the proceeds will go to his bonus. That's the Yankees way.

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