Jets quarterback Geno Smith struggled greatly on Tuesday.Getty Images

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. – Geno Smith had his first turnover of training camp as the New York Jets quarterback finally looked human on Tuesday, the fifth day of training camp.

The turnover was a fumble on a play in the two-minute drill but likely never would have happened in a real game setting. Since there was no hitting in practice, the play likely would have been a sack or Smith would have thrown the ball away. But rolling out to his right, Smith kept the ball exposed as defenders bypassed him, unable to hit the quarterback. And as he went towards the sideline, he saw it stripped.

In all likelihood, the play never would have gotten to that point in a real, live-action setting.

“It was just a bad decision. It was his first turnover of camp. You don't blow that out proportion,” head coach Todd Bowles said of the moment. “You talk about it, you recognize it. At the end of the game, you have to let the ball fly. You can't hold onto it.”


It was a rough day overall for Smith, who struggled to lead the offense. It was a good day for Ryan Fitzpatrick, who seemed confident in his throws and showed a very quick release.

Smith has yet to throw an interception in training camp with Tuesday's fumble the loan blip on the turnover chart. He had a rough day after four relatively solid outings to start camp.

Bowles didn't seem overly concerned about the incident.

“It's been fine up until this standpoint. You don't know about live bullets, you got to learn how to slide,” Bowles said. “Some of those quarterbacks get cocky and try to make the yards and get blown-up.

“Up until this standpoint he's been fine.”


→ Defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson did not practice on Tuesday as the fallout continues from his hamstring injury on Sunday. Wilkerson road the stationary bicycle and worked with the rehab group. He also watched the defense in drills from the sideline.

Bowles said the injury was “day-to-day.”

→ Bowles was asked about cornerback Antonio Cromartie on Tuesday during his press conference. Having coached Cromartie last year with the Arizona Cardinals where he was the defensive coordinator, the question was if Bowles learned anything new about the player.

“He talks a lot,” Bowles said with a laugh before turning serious.

“I didn't know the work ethic, the way he studies film during the season and game week. Come Monday, he already has a jump on the opponent. I didn't know the person, I didn't know how professional he was. I thought that was understanding. I didn't know that.”

–> One name making a statement through five days of camp is wide receiver Shaq Evans. A mid-round pick last year, Evans was injured and missed the entire season and seemed unlikely a week ago to make the 53-man roster.

Now through the first five sessions of camp, Evans has stood out.

“Evans has been steady. Nothing stood out or really nobody right now,” Bowles said. “He's been working hard and running routes and he'll get a shot as the days go.”

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