HANOVER, N.J. – Red Bull not only gives you wings, it apparently goes great with a soccer game, at least judging from one MLS player who seems to be enjoying the vitamin-infused energy drink. But perhaps not so great if you're a member of New York City FC.

This past Sunday, the cameras of FOX Sports 1 caught New York City FC player Sebastian Velasquez coolly sipping a can of Red Bull on the sideline as he sat on the bench. This in and of itself is not a horrible thing except that the New York Red Bulls – yep, owned by the energy drink company based in Austria – are being hyped as the big rivals for New York City FC. So here is a player on a supposed rival, sipping on the product made famous by that rival's owners.

In a public place no less teeming with cameras. File this one under the heading of 'Head scratchers.'

And the timing for City FC and Velasquez couldn't be worse as the rivalry kicks off this Sunday at Red Bull Arena. The expansion team is struggling this year with a 1-5-3 record as they sit in eighth place in the Eastern Conference. The supposed dominance of this team hasn't panned out.


The Red Bulls on the other hand suffered their first loss of the season this past weekend and have been one of the surprise teams of the league to date. They're also winning on social media as well with this tweet being fired at their rival over the Velasquez incident.

Well done Red Bulls, well done.

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