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Kylie Jenner apparently totally cool with Tyga sex track about her

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While the rest of us — and the Kardashian family — might have found Tyga’s new track, “Stimulated,” which details his penchant for “penetrating” 18-year-old girlfriend Kylie Jenner, it turns out Jenner herself is totally fine with the track. Flattered, even.

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“Kylie actually thought that the song was cute and knew about it before it came out,” a source tells Radar Online. “It is her first true love and she is very much thinking that she will be with him forever.” How … sweet?

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But, the source suggests, her reaction to the track points to a deeper issue at the heart of their relationship: “There is nothing that Tyga could ever do that would make Kylie walk away from him,” the source explains. “She does not even try to argue with him because he has somehow convinced her that he is the best she will ever get, and she believes him.” Sounds totally healthy, yeah.

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Oh, and the best part? The Kardashian folks are apparently trying to keep the song a secret from Caitlyn Jenner because she (rather understandably) wouldn’t be all that into it. “The family doesn’t even want to tell Caitlyn about it because they all know how she will react and it will not be good,” the source says. “Whereas Kris [Jenner] would see this as being good for publicity, Caitlyn would absolutely blow up on Tyga and go to his house if need be.” Why do I feel like we’ll be seeing that on an episode of reality show soon?

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