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Kylie Jenner swears she doesn’t over-share

Kylie Jenner is more than just her Instagram.
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Kylie Jenner wants you to believe she’s holding something back. No, seriously.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” junior varsity captain tells AdWeek that her fans on social media don’t get to see everything. “I only post on Instagram or Snapchat what I want people to see, you know? But there’s a whole other side to me that people don’t know,” she says.

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“There’s a really big part of my life that I don’t share online, and I feel like people think that just because I have a reality TV show and I’m on Snapchat for probably 10 minutes altogether throughout the day, that they know my life.”

And you know what, guys? Being a professional brand is hard work. “I feel like people want to see me have a cool hair color and dress a certain way and have pretty makeup and heels. If they were to see me in public, they would expect me to look like that,” she opines. “It’s also exhausting for everyday life.”

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