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Kylie Jenner tries to be real on ‘Life of Kylie,’ fails

I’m not saying that we here at Metro are fans of Kylie Jenner but — oh, forget it. I’m lukewarm on her. I wish her no ill will. Would I love to no longer be confronted with her visage at every turn on the world wide webs? Absolutely. But it doesn’t look like that’s happening any time soon.

Especially with her new show, “Life of Kylie” having premiered late Sunday night.

The show is supposed to show the 19-year-old at her realest. But from what it sounds like, her “realest” is pretty dang fake. Complex calls it “contrived and formulaic.” Marie Claire says it’s “a contradiction.” Over at Vanity Fair, they’re imagining that “Sofia Coppola [could be] intrigued by the plotline of Kylie Jenner’s life,” which is either a shade or tribute to “Bling Ring” and definitely not a compliment to Coppola. Like, at all.


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“There are two ways to read ‘Life of Kylie,” Kayleigh Roberts at Marie Claire writes. “Either it’s a confirmation of all the worst things Kylie’s critics have ever said about her or it’s an attempt on a statement about the blatant artifice of modern celebrity.” I’m guessing it’s absolutely not the second!

Anyway, the point is, it’s probably more fun to read reviews of “Life of Kylie” than actually watch “Life of Kylie.” Proceed as you like. 


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