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Kylie Minogue: Anonymous Aphrodite

Kylie Minogue is not as popular here as she is in Europe or her homeland of Australia. This is how she likes it.

“I can walk around and not be recognized,” she says. “That’s refreshing.”

The singer, who is embarking upon her what is only her second U.S. tour in her 25-year career, has a few other aspects of our country that she’s excited about.

“Really crappy diners,” she enthuses with a laugh. “I love a good crappy diner! I don’t know why. Really terrible coffee, as we say, water with a bean dragged through it.”

Minogue’s current Aphrodite World Tour has received rave reviews for its large-scale production values as well as its intimate emotional punch. The 42-year-old singer says she may have to scale back on some of the more extravagant set pieces, such as the fountains on the second stage that completed the classical Greek aesthetic on the European leg of the tour.

“We’re bringing everything we can squeeze into the venues,” she says. “It’s so technically advanced and all that kind of stuff, but I genuinely think the best part is the emotion within the room. So however we create that emotion doesn’t really matter; it’s that we get to it.”

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