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L train straphangers see red after more unexpected morning delays

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Commuters on the L train suffered an encore performance of delays Tuesday morning when the previous day’s repairs weren’t up to snuff.

Manhattan-bound riders spent a second morning in a row in stalled train cars due to rail conditions at the Bedford stop.

MTA spokesman Amanda Kwan said some trains into Manhattan were forced to turn around at the Bedford stop when a report came in of unusual noises on the track at around 8:40 a.m.

“A nail or screw came loose and caused vibration that concerned our folks,” Kwan said.

The loose screw had only been installed Monday after the MTA said a broken rail shut off service at the same stop for almost three hours. Unlike Monday, service into Manhattan was stalled for about an hour and 20 minutes on Tuesday.

L train rider Shale Maulana bemoaned the L train making her late to work in Manhattan twice in a week.

Maulana ended up taking four trains to get into lower Manhattan on Monday and spent an hour on the Lorimer station Tuesday getting mixed signals from the MTA.

“I spent over an hour on a dangerously crowded platform just trying to figure out what was going on. A bunch of contradictory announcements didn’t help matters,” Maulana said. “Why does it take over an hour of pure chaos for me to move one station?”

More than 300,000 riders use the L train every weekday, a 27 percent increase in eight years.

“The L train is the latest in a series of ‘subway horror stories’ we’ve been seeing this week,” said John Raskin, executive director with the Riders Alliance.

“Meanwhile, another fare hike goes into effect this weekend,” Raskin added. “Subway problems aren’t just getting worse — they’re indicative of a larger problem in Albany, which refuses to fully fund public transit.

The advocacy group is still collecting straphanger horror stories through March 20. Submit yours at www.ridersny.org/horror-stories.

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