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Ladies take over the night

They are Edmonton’s ladies of the night and they’re performing for a captive audience on April 22.

Ladies of the “Comedy” Night is a show being put on by comedian Dawn Dumont in the hopes of promoting female comedians in Edmonton.

“We see each other around all the time and we never get to perform on the same show,” Dumont said. “There are so few of us so they like to spread us around.”

There are only about 10 serious female comedians in town according to Dumont but by putting on this show, she’s hoping those numbers will increase.

“The younger girls are coming up,” she said. “They just don’t tend to stay with it consistently like the guys do.”

Dumont said anyone can learn the techniques for stand up comedy; often it’s just a case of looking at your own life and experiences.

“It’s just like any other type of public speaking, you just have to find your own humour,” she said. “Everyone’s got one and they’re all a little different.”

So what do female comics joke about? Dumont said you’ll hear everything from jokes about being a mom, being on the dating scene after being married for a long time, bisexuality, and relationships.

“For the most part, we pretty much talk about our lives,” Dumont said. “We poke fun at ourselves and the men in our lives generally.”

Although the acts are all female, Dumont said both sexes will enjoy the evening.

“Men like to laugh as much as women do, I’m assuming,” she said.

Ladies of the Comedy Night, an evening to promote female comedians in Edmonton, takes place at Yuk Yuks at the Century Casino on Fort Road April 22.

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