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Lady Gaga shuts down Super Bowl body shamers: ‘I’m proud of my body’

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga literally does not have time for her haters.

A handful of people on social media critiqued her supposedly unflattering appearance during her Super Bowl halftime show — particularly her midsection, with some horribles going so far as to call it a “beer belly.”

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In true Gaga fashion, the “Born This Way” singer shut down all that nonsense in an inspiring Instagram post. She writes: “I heard my body is a topic of conversation. So I wanted to say, I’m proud of my body and you should be proud of yours too. No matter who you are or what you do.”

Meanwhile, I don’t get why body shaming is still a thing. Doesn’t it seem incredibly boring? Aren’t there better things to do like, I don’t know, get involved in your community or binge watch “Parks & Recreation” for the umpteenth time? My goodness.

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Anyway, big ups to Gaga for normalizing the normal and staying positive — even if she did fail to get sufficiently political during her gig.

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