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Lakeview residents thrilled about Harvey Barracks demolition

For nearly 50 years the old Harvey Barracks, west of the city, have been as much a part of the landscape as the Rocky Mountains, but it’s time on Tsuu T’ina land has come to an end.

“It will be cleared away,” said special projects manager of Tsuu T’ina First Nation, Peter Manywounds. He added “they will be demolished, the hazardous material cleared away and turned into a green field.”

It’s something residents of nearby Lakeview have been waiting to hear for years.

Sandra Robson moved in 20 years ago, a decade before the squatters arrived. “I was ready to move at one point,” said Robson, adding “it was noisy and I had golf balls through my window”

Now all is quiet. Regina Noel was the last woman to pack up and leave Monday morning. She is looking for a three bedroom house for her and her pets, whether Tsuu T’ina is picking up the bill, no one will say.

“I don’t think it’s fair to either them or us to get into the details,” says Manywounds.

“It’s resolved and we’re moving forward.”

Which is exactly what the people who still live here want to do.

“Tomorrow I’d like to see machines come in and start knocking all those places down,” said Stan Smith, who has lived across the street from Black Bear crossing for 42 years. He echoes words band members have been saying for years:

“It’s been dragging on way too long.”

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