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Lammily Doll, the ‘normal Barbie,’ will now get her period


The Lammily Doll, a children’s toy “made according to typical human body proportions to promote realistic beauty standards” will now have an optional “period expansion pack.”

According to TIME Magazine “the kit comes with an educational pamphlet explaining what to expect from a menstrual cycle plus a pair of doll underwear, 19 colored pads, a calendar and stickers to track periods.”

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The period expansion pack is just another layer to the doll’s realistic nature.

“It’s just what happens in real life,” Nickolay Lamm, the doll’s creator told TIME Magazine. “We wanted to put it on the doll so it’s not a scary thing.”

If you’re wondering why now, you can maybe thank Donald Trump and his comments on Megyn Kelly. But try not to make it politcal, Lamm asks.

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“I don’t want to make this a whole political project or anything, but I think when [Trump] said that it was just an example of the overall culture where menstruation is very taboo, and not only taboo, but some people use it as an insult,” the toymaker told TIME Magazine.

The doll’s expansion pack even comes with a promotional video, which highlights how difficult it can be for some parents to explain periods to their daughter.

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