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Lansdowne opposition rallies

Two new initiatives from people opposed to the Lansdowne Partnership Plan have sprung up, after just one night of public consultations.

Reacting to what Capital Ward Coun. Clive Doucet called “a sales pitch for a shopping mall,” the Ask Me! Campaign was launched to give people attending the public consultations a “Myth and Facts” sheet.

“The core concepts and values presented through this campaign are ideas of transparency, accountability and fairness,” said Ask Me! volunteer Martin Canning. “This is an example municipally where there has been a partial failure. There needs to be a new process in place.’”

More than 100 volunteers have signed up for the campaign, said Canning.

Despite claims in the report that the partnership plan says 40 per cent of the future site will be parkland and open space, local architect Lester Johnson says that it was closer to 11 per cent.

While the large turf stone area east of the stadium is obviously an open space, Doucet said it was not one that “a normal human being would regard as green usable open space.”

Westboro resident and computer programmer Kevin O’Donnell, who objects to the sole-source plan process, set up Letsgetitright.ca to help people opposed to the plan reach their city council and the mayor.

There is another open house tonight at city hall, one at the Jim Durrell Complex tomorrow, then two more on Monday and Tuesday.

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