Large snake found riding Brooklyn bus - Metro US

Large snake found riding Brooklyn bus

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A large snake, possibly a python or boa constrictor, was found on an MTA bus in Brooklyn this past weekend.

The snake was found riding the B12 bus at Saratoga Avenue Saturday afternoon, the Daily News reported, also stating that the reptile was eventually removed by MTA workers.

When the driver spotted the snake, he quickly brought the bus, which the MTA insisted was empty of passengers, back to the depot, the New York Post said in a related article. The snake had appeared to be headed toward the warmth of the engine.

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A source stated that an MTA employee saw a passenger bring a snake on the bus in a bag the previous day, the Post added. “A guy brought a snake with him on the bus,” the source said. “I guess it got too big for him to take care of, so he left it on the bus in a bag.”

A similar incident happened in August 2013, when subway passengers found a dead shark riding the N train, the Post reported. One subway rider at the time said, “This is New York City. What could surprise you here?”

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The B12 snake was subsequently taken by Animal Care and Control.

“A snake, really?” one bus rider said to the Post. “I hope it’s big enough because I need new shoes and a bag.”

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