Larry Uteck Interchange in home stretch - Metro US

Larry Uteck Interchange in home stretch

Drivers are so eager to get onto the new Larry Uteck Interchange on Highway 102 that at least one car has been spotted driving on it.

“There was one instance where someone spotted a car on the roadway and we had to put some better barricades up,” said HRM spokeswoman Shaune MacKinlay. “Maybe it’s just the irresistible look of new asphalt.”

The bulk of the work on the project was completed several weeks ago, but motorists will have to wait a few weeks longer to take a spin on it. MacKinlay said they’re finishing off some formalities to take ownership and accept it from the contractor.

“It’s a much-anticipated roadway and it will save people some time and traffic aggravation, so we understand people want to use it as soon as possible. Right now they’re probably being patient and looking at it saying, ‘When can we use that road?’”

The funding for the $24-million project was split between all three levels of government.

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