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Last-gen Impreza looks like a reliable performer

For years, the Subaru Impreza has been a popular choice for shoppers after all-season performance, versatility and driving confidence.

A lifestyle-oriented model with a reputation for reliability, safety and a “go-anywhere-anytime” attitude, Impreza boasted standard AWD across the board, sedan or five-door variants, and automatic or manual transmissions.

Look for features like a sunroof, automatic climate control, automatic lights, tinted glass and heated seats. Touring, Limited and Convenience packages were also available, depending on the year in question.


Standard Impreza models got Subaru’s 2.5-litre boxer four-cylinder engine, which whipped up 170 horsepower. A four-speed automatic or five-speed manual were available.

What owners like

Handling and driving dynamics, all-season traction, overall performance and flexibility are all highly rated by the Subaru Impreza’s owner community. Ride comfort, headroom and overall value complete the list of owner-stated positives.

What owners dislike

A low-budget and “plasticky” interior feel, road noise and a less-than-adequate factory stereo system are common complaints. Some owners note that fuel consumption can be thirstier than a comparable two-wheel drive car.

Common issues

Check the windshield for an oily film that may impede vision. This could indicate a problem with a leaky heater core that’s allowing coolant to evaporate. Check the front footwells for signs of dampness through the carpet, which could indicate a water leak. Ensure the air conditioner works properly, check the liftgate (if equipped) and look for broken or missing interior trim pieces.


This generation of Impreza didn’t pack any new and radical technology, though it seems to be a solid and reliable performer as a result. With a thumbs-up from a mechanic, owners can expect a reliable and worry-free all-season driving experience for years to come.

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