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Last-gen Infiniti QX is comfy, thirsty, enormous

The first generation of the QX56 was available to Canadian shoppers between 2004 and 2010 model years. A shot at machines like the Cadillac Escalade, it was effectively a rebadged and upscaled Nissan Pathfinder Armada with sophisticated looks and a very luxurious cabin.

Look for all the premium goodies, including hard-drive audio storage, radar cruise, puddle lights, navigation with voice command, Bluetooth, automatic everything, leather seating, wood trim and plenty more.

Seating was available for the driver and up to seven passengers.


Standard was a 5.6-litre V-8 engine cranking out 315 or 320 horsepower, a five-speed automatic and standard four-wheel drive with low-range.

What owners like

Comfort, handling, beauty, luxury, and style are highly rated by QX56 owners.

A combination of space, luxury-car amenities and capability are also noted as primary reasons for purchase.

What owners dislike

As with any SUV, gas mileage is almost unanimously rated poorly by QX owners. Other gripes include “boatish” driving dynamics, poorly-placed cupholders and a few cheaper-than-expected interior pieces.

Common issues

On a test-drive, note any unwelcomed vibrations through the steering wheel, which may be caused by out-of-balance wheels, poor alignment or worn tires. Ensure all door locks work properly and triple check the trunk release latch and motorized tailgate for proper operation in both directions, if so equipped.

Hard shifting or engine performance issues could be caused by a faulty powertrain control module, not the drivetrain itself.


Smaller and less-thirsty alternatives to the QX56 are available in the used market, should this enormous Infiniti’s size and power prove overkill. Those set on a QX56 should opt for a model familiar to a selling Infiniti dealer.

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